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IncomingRequestRouteConstraint Tutorial

This tutorial aims to illustrate the use of the IncomingRequestRouteConstraint which can be found in the DigitallyCreated.Utilities.Mvc assembly. This tutorial assumes you know C# and ASP.NET MVC.

The purpose of the IncomingRequestRouteConstraint is to allow you to specify on a route that it is only to match a route when it's for an incoming request, not for URL generation (see RouteDirection). This is great to use when you're providing a route to redirect people from a legacy URL. You don't want the routing engine, when creating URLs via UrlHelper etc, to create a legacy URL, but you do want incoming requests to that legacy URL to work.

Here's an example of its use:
//In the RegisterRoutes method (or similar) in your global.asax Application class.
    new { controller = "Blog", action = "PermanentlyRedirectToBlog", },
    new { incomingRequestOnly = new IncomingRequestRouteConstraint(), }

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