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EncodeAndInsertBrsAndLinks Tutorial

This tutorial illustrates the use of the EncodeAndInsertBrsAndLinks HtmlHelper that can be found in the DigitallyCreated.Utilities.Mvc assembly (in the EyeCandyHtmlHelpers class). It assumes you know C# and ASP.NET MVC.

The EncodeAndInsertBrsAndLinks is great for escaping and displaying user input on a website. It encodes their input (thereby escaping any HTML they use), finds any URLs they use and puts them in unescaped <a> tags, and finds any line breaks and replaces them with <br/>s (works with \r\n as well as \n).

Here's an example of its use in a view:

//Model.UserInput contains "<strong>Here's a great website!</strong>\r\n";
<%= Html.EncodeAndInsertBrsAndLinks(Model.UserInput, true) %>

The first argument is the string to process, the second is whether or not you want rel="nofollow" set on all <a> tags created.
This would output the following:

&lt;strong&gt;Here's a great website!&lt;/strong&gt;<br/><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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